Ethel Merman Disco Album

I've got rhythm... like no rhythm you've heard before.

Ethel Merman, 70's disco diva? It's true -- or at least, they gave it a shot with this surreal 1979 release on A&M records. With Cher and Streisand having blazed the trail, it was only a matter of time before Merman was called upon to belt out disco versions of her classic tunes.

Thank god disco died when it did... who knows how far it would have spread had it lasted?

Update: Saints preserve us the Ethel Merman Disco Album is now available on CD! Why scour thrift store record bins for the next six years when you can just click and buy online? It's just the thing for your next swinging dance party!

Ethel Merman Disco Album
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No Business Like Show Business (MP3) Ethel Merman sings disco like nobody's business!
I Got Rhythm (MP3) I got Merman. I got disco. Who could ask for anything more?

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Jeff ( says:
It's coming out on CD! (06-11-2002)

MoonDewd ( says:
I must be about the only person I know who actually purchased this album when it was released!! I mentioned it recently and my friends thought I was making it up. I pulled it out and played it for them and they were as amazed and enthralled as I was at the time I ordered it from a local Music Emporium. Ethel Merman defined "diva." Her music and her rhythm will live forever. (06-10-2002)

Quincy_MD says:
The front cover makes it look like she's about to get cut in half with lasers.

Which, for me, is a bonus. Because this music is f**king awful. But in a good way. (05-18-2002)

DJ Napp ( says:
I found a pristine copy of this LP (probably never played -- for good reason) while working at a local public radio station ten years ago, and am now so glad I "borrowed" it! Strangely enough, I had just finished transferring it to CD last month and then found this website. I'm flabbergasted to learn that anyone would pay $60 for this (although to be fair, I have to confess paying $40 for "The Touch of Leonard Nimoy")! If anyone would like to propose a trade (CD-R copy for CD-R copy of something in your collection) drop me a line. (05-08-2002)

Tina ( says:
Diva she may be but she's no Mrs Miller (04-23-2002)

Me says:
I heard just today that there has been a small scale CD pressing of the album. (03-29-2002)

Dosifei ( says:
Ethel! Ethel! Ethel! This is simply divine. A has-been Broadway diva does disco! What was she, 70 at the time? And she gives it her all, bless her. This is an instant party classic. Bring it out to amaze and astound your friends. (03-07-2002)

Brittney ( says:
I've came and listened to these before, but now it keeps getting an error, what's wrong? (03-06-2002)

Dan ( says:
I bought a copy of this on ebay in practically mint condition only two slight crackling sounds on the last song "I got Rhythm" for $50.00 and I will not part with it. It is one of my more fun and campier records. Does anyone know who has this on cassette studio recorded in mint condition? I'd like a copy that sounds better then record. I sure hope they release this on CD someday. God I love Ethel!!! (02-19-2002)

joel ( says:
I've got an autographed copy I might be willing to part with. Don't really want to do it, but "times is hard" as Sondheim would say. (02-19-2002)

Edward Lopez ( says:
I found a NM copy of this album today (2/11/02) in a Salvation Army thrift for $1.08 (Damn tax!). No wear anywhere yet it was stuck between hundreds of REALLY used LPs. It's a NOT FOR SALE - DEMONSTRATION copy but, get this, it is autographed by The Merman herself! So, if a plain copy is worth approx. $50, how much more for an autographed copy? Talk about serendipity! (02-11-2002)

Smorgy Fjeldsted ( says:
Don't tell anybody, but I picked up this album for free at the end of a garage sale in LA. Nobody wanted it all day that Sunday and the driveway merchant gave it to me because I spent $1 to buy the DON'T MAKE WAVES soundtrack and a Moby Grape promo 45. I guess the guy that owned the records have taste like mine --California-based 60's rock and washed-up has beens warbling disco pap with all of the raw emotion of a heart attack victim. Ethel Merman's singing here reminds me of the time I had a nosejob after breaking my schnoz for the fourth time in the basketball season. They put me under general anesthesia, made several incisions, and peeled back a lot of skin. Then they filed down the protruding lump on the bridge of my snoot. When I woke up I was in a lot of pain which was nothing compared what I felt a week later when I went back to the doctor's office. After the procedure they'd packed each nostril with 30 feet of thin gauze. Once I was strapped in his chair, the doctor started ripping the gauze out as fast as he could, several feet at a time. Every time he'd pull I'd scream ARRGGH--AUUWWWW--OOOOHHHHWEE!! because the gauze was attached to my tender sinus passages and nasal hair by dried mucous and blood. It felt like he was pulling my brains out through my sinus cavity. As soon as the last inch of gauze was out, the doctor gave each nostril a blast of pure pharmaceutical cocaine which took the pain away instantly. In less than a second I went from agony to ecstasy. Now, I don't suggest you break any laws when you listen to the Ethel Merman Disco album, but I do strongly recommend you keep a little something nearby when you lower the needle on Ethel's disco record because her singing sounds a lot like the shrieks I made in the doctor's chair that day. Listen at your own risk. Don't say I didn't warn you. And you shouldn't pay more than $60 for a NM/NM copy. (01-14-2002)

Steve ( says:
I'm looking for MP3's of the songs on this album. I've found all but I Get a Kick Out of You and Something For The Boys. Can anyone help?
Thanks! (01-14-2002)

Tim ( says:
I know someone who bought this on vinyl here in New York City for $50.00! The store has a waiting list for the next available album...when asked, they said maybe one will turn up in 6 months or so! Then when walking down the street one day, there was a guy halking his Home-burned version for $10.00 a disc...complete with photocopied cover. I had to buy one as I still can remember her belting out "There's No Buisness..." on the Mike Douglas Show. (01-11-2002)

jeff ( says:
i found this lp at a thrift store. it is an on loan- for promotional use only lp. no one discos like ethel merman. i really enjoyed this album. not only is the concept funny, but the disco style for these great songs really shows how you can only improve on a great tunes! (12-28-2001)

david ( says:
Ethel Merman had a magnificent voice from the late 1920s through the early 1950s. Her best work was before multi-track tape available about 1960. If only there was a voice track from the 1930s which could have been remixed to a disco beat, it might have worked. Alas the sample songs either have her quivering 1970s voice or a perhaps 1950s big band track with her voice sounding fine but which was not remixed well (disco was only in interludes). (11-16-2001)

Garret says:
This is just great! Can't get enough -- (11-10-2001)

disgrunteled ( says:
hey, none of your shit plays!Can't you put this shit into simple .wav format, the most commonly used format in the world? We can;t enjoy the awful sonds of Ethel Merman or anyone else because you don;t have your files in .wav format
THANK U (11-08-2001)

Nip Tucker says:
I'm sorry, but was this some A&R man's idea of a queer twofer? I mean, was the throbbing-disco/musical-comedy-icon combo supposed to set gay men's pants alight?

Well? Was it?? (11-07-2001)

mannie the virgin says:
No wonder this country is soooo screwed up. I had nothing, NOTHING to do with this! (11-06-2001)

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