Poe through the Glass Prism

Quoth the Raven, "Oh my God!"

Here's another one of those "concept albums" that people used to do back in the 70's before musicians realized that it was a bad bet to expect people to have any interest in actual artistry. This one has the bold idea of recording a series of rock tunes set to the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe. All in all, it's not a bad idea, and one that must have been largely lost on the dope-smoking rock-n-roll record buyers of the era.

The music on this album is really pretty cool. Check out "The Raven", which I understand hit the charts for at least a little while in 1974. Its wailing Hammond organ sounds and monotone vocal delivery are pretty catchy. I also enjoy the way the band combines early-Beatles haircuts with late-Beatles costuming. Who can possibly resist a band with a velvet jacket and a giant black bird? Not me!

Poe through the Glass Prism
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The Raven (MP3) Once upon a midnight dreary...

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Betty says:
Love these guys. I have their albums and some other recordings. Also, noticed their first album, Poe Through The Glass Prism, is on ebay today. For those looking for a new copy, or your first copy, now is your chance. Noticed it's been on alot over the last year. The old and new fans are coming out all over the country and Europe with real interest in this great 60's-70's band. The time is now for a reunion. Is it possible. I'm in Wyoming and I would travel cross country if necessary just to see them do the Raven and a few other of their great songs. I'll keep my fingers crossed. (08-22-2004)

Ellie White says:
Hey this is a really good song. Can't believe The Glass Prism have such loving fans. I really like the 60's music. The Raven is a great song and I would love to hear more from The Glass Prism's album. (08-21-2004)

Nick I ( says:
Growing up in Scranton PA during the 60's, I can really appreciate the sound of the Prism.
My pal Gary still has the "Poe" album which is in near mint condition and I'm fortunate to still have the original RCA single which plays almost like new.
I can recall attending school dances to see and hear the El Caminos (pre-Glass Prism).
"The Raven" still sounds great to this day.
Right On, Prism! (08-20-2004)


SAL says:
NOW THAT'S COOL. (08-19-2004)

DANNY T says:

Ashley says:
Wonderful memories. That time in our lives was highlited by the music of The Glass Prism. If you were from Scranton area or the northeast in general then you knew who they were. If you were lucky enough to see them or talk to them then you were on top of the world. I was so pleased to see this site. (08-12-2004)

Mark Newman says:
Very interesting. My guess is that in 1969 this was a serious shot at a hit. The concept theme was in and this was a good one. Nice performance. (08-09-2004)

Dexter Martin says:
I'm really impressed with this song. After 35 years it still sounds good. The Glass Prism were a great band. (08-07-2004)

Iris W says:
Did you listen close to this song? It's really good. Great job on the performance and the lead singer is perfect for the melody. (08-07-2004)

785 says:
rich is always so helpful. he always come here to be the little bitch his mother taught him to be. his female parts are buggin him. (08-06-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
Good thing you only "heard" those bands, Frank A.
You'd be in a pretty pickle if you had to SPELL them.

That would be PROCOL HARUM. You'd think that if you could at least surf over to this site, you'd have enough brains to google-search and get the spelling correct.

I thought that was a requirement when you became Mayor at the trailer park.

You like Glass Prism? Here's a tip...check out some old JERRY BLAVAT tapes.

Rich (08-06-2004)

Frank A says:
It reminds me a little of "Procul Harem" and some other bands that I've actually heard before.Not bad. (08-06-2004)

roadie says:
shoot man you shouda seen it rich, it was great like head from your toothless grandma. (08-05-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
The Jerry Blavat show??? Sounds like a bloody SCTV skit

Yes, I now see the contribution of Glass Prism to rock history. JERRY BLAVAT.

Guess I missed their set at Woodstock, too..

Rich (08-05-2004)

Josh K says:
I saw the Glass Prism perform The Raven on a TV show many years ago. I'll say about 1970. The show was The Jerry Blavat Show , which was out of Phil. PA. I don't know if it was a national show of not. At the time I lived in DE so we got it there. I thought the group and song were great. I was surprised to see this. I'm glad so many serious fans appreciate their contribution to rock and roll history. (08-05-2004)

Richard Cranium says:
This album is a real piece of stinko.

Guess the fans of this band been hanging round the Pittsburgh steel mills a bit too much, and their nostrils so attuned that they can no longer smell a piece of shit for what it is: a piece of shit.

I'd rather spend a few bucks on an old record of Liberace farting some showtunes than listen to these "hacks" desecrating the fine memory of Edgar Allan Poe.

If I lived in Baltimore, I'd be rightly pissed.

Nice album cover though. Can't buy suits like that anymore, 'cept maybe the local Walmart.

Rich (08-04-2004)

johnny remax says:
For English class in 11th grade (1984), my friends and I did a photo slideshow/rock opera of short horror story "The Black Cat" by E.A. Poe. We chose to set the protagonist's rantings to tunes ripped pretty much directly from the Eagles and America. These 3-chord wonders were all my aspiring guitar/drum/bass "studio" band could muster at the time. We got a B- on that project, but I still get out the "master" cassette and give it a listen sometimes. "It was the Same Cat, but a Different Cat" was my favorite, I think.

Anyway, I should have known we hadn't come up with anything original, but spray painting the Sylvester doll we got from Toys R Us sure was fun. (08-04-2004)

linda masey says:
you gotta hand it to them. they were the most talked about group in their day and people are still talking. not just luck, talent. (08-03-2004)

Shelle says:
Still kickin after all these years. I love it. (07-31-2004)

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