Poe through the Glass Prism

Quoth the Raven, "Oh my God!"

Here's another one of those "concept albums" that people used to do back in the 70's before musicians realized that it was a bad bet to expect people to have any interest in actual artistry. This one has the bold idea of recording a series of rock tunes set to the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe. All in all, it's not a bad idea, and one that must have been largely lost on the dope-smoking rock-n-roll record buyers of the era.

The music on this album is really pretty cool. Check out "The Raven", which I understand hit the charts for at least a little while in 1974. Its wailing Hammond organ sounds and monotone vocal delivery are pretty catchy. I also enjoy the way the band combines early-Beatles haircuts with late-Beatles costuming. Who can possibly resist a band with a velvet jacket and a giant black bird? Not me!

Poe through the Glass Prism
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The Raven (MP3) Once upon a midnight dreary...

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chris ( says:
Did Shenendoah ever make a recording of there sound? I would love to see Glass Prism play live even live iwth an orchestra doing the "POE" lp wouldn'that be unique? Glass Prism was a one of a kind lp/band!!!!Was that ever released on CD? there second lp "JOY & SORROW" was a masterpiece as well=showing more originality...lets get this sband going back together today!! thanks chris (02-21-2004)

Barry T says:
I have this album. It's one of my favorites. I love The Raven and El Dorado. I also have the Glass Prism second album On Joy and Sorrow. My favorite songs are She's Too Much and Extention 68. I saw them live many times and their live versions of these songs were even better. I saw them twice as Shenandoah with Auggie on bass and with Louie on bass and keys in the Poconos and some other places a few times. They were at their peak around the mid 70's. The writting had improved, the vocals were great and the stage show was better than any groups around. (Very powerful). Love these guys always. (02-19-2004)

Norman Faust says:
Where is the Glass Prism website? We need more info and more songs. Looks like lots of fans have found this site and that's cool. Nice to see the reaction. I wonder if the guys know how much they meant to so many. Just think, if it was't for the internet we would not have had a chance to express our appreciation for their contribution to our youthful years. Who wouldn't give anything for just 30 minutes more of The Glass Prism. The Raven live would be a thrill. (02-18-2004)

Diane says:
I just listened to The Raven and I think it's just wonderful. I really like the music and the singers voice. Where can I find more of the Glass Prism music? (02-17-2004)

Bryan D says:
Trivia Question:
Still waiting for the answere to #3. If you need help, contact Carl of the Glass Prism in Scranton Pa and he'll know exactly. I read it in an interview many years ago and I'm sure Rick knows.

I've been away for a few days. Looks like things have been busy around here. I have more questions so get ready. (02-17-2004)

Don Miller says:
The Raven is a well written, well thoughtout piece of music. I'm glad The Glass Prism chose this theme. It must have been difficult to find a concept during a time of others such as Sgt. Peppers, Tommy, etc. I know other groups tried things during that time that just did not work musically and in many cases were loughable. This piece stands as a great idea and a great work of musical art. (02-16-2004)

Jane M says:
I have no idea who this group is (or was) but I sure do like this song. Great vocals, nice musical arrangement and beautiful but powerful interpretation of Poe's poem (or in this case, lirics). I can't wait to hear the album. Can we hear more of it on this site or anywhere else? (02-16-2004)

Jennie Jennie says:
Simply irrisistible (or is it eerie-sistible)?
Love it, love these guys, they are the greatest thing to ever happen in the Northeast, bar none.
No one before and no one since can claim their standing as the first rock act to sign with a major lable and at the time only Jefferson Airplain was signed to RCA(songs about drugs got their deal, cause it sure wasn't the talent.) The Glass Prism are the all time most original and best musical and vocal rock group to come out of this part of the country and for that matter most other parts. Not as big, but just as good as some of the best. Forever a loving fan. (02-16-2004)

Johnny ( says:
Hey Ricky!!! Where've you & 'Roxy' been??? We haven't seen much of you lately. I didn't know people were still interested in you old f*rts! LOL, Just kiddin', guys were GREAT!! And we all would love to see a re-union happen someday! To the rest of you reading this, I was pretty young at the time these guys were playing out, but I was just a kid going to high school dances & seeing these guys play & was in awe! I saw these guys as local 'rock stars' & many years later was fortunate to meet & get to know Rick...he occassionally comes out to hear my own band ( play at the local places around Scranton, Pa. & he's a total NUT... always laughing & dancing up a storm with the lovely 'Roxanne'! I was also given a rare treat to be invited to his home & heard some of his old recordings on 45's...GREAT STUFF!!
Now, Rick, get that re-union together!! :-)
Johnny (02-16-2004)

April Poe says:
Was Edgar Allen Poe a Lesbian? (02-16-2004)

LaLa Chicks ( says:
Local Long Beach lesbian artists Anne Engel and Laurie Morvan have teamed up to for the LaLa Chicks, creating a whole new dynamic with the balls of a band. Joined by percussionist Angie Tabor and bassist Lisa Grubs, this foursome will play your favorite covers and originals, as heard on their original CD's. Sure to be a full house, come mix and mingle! (02-16-2004)



Kim R says:
Dear Lord. I can't believe my eyes and ears. After all these years the legend lives on. We talk about them and the great shows. We talk about the songs, like The Raven and some of the live special numbers like Exedus, You Keep Me Haggin On, People Get Ready, and so many more. The harmonies that they sang were the best I have ever heard from any live band. People remember and appreciate what they did. I was so excited when I found this site that I have called my friends and told them about it. Soon the word will spread and I hope that will help with any possible reunion. That would really be the ultimate thrill for those of us that remember and I bet many new folks that can appreciate a good thing. (02-14-2004)

Ulanda says:
Very strange. I like it. I really like it. (02-14-2004)

Rick says:
The bass player was Lou Cossa.....The group.....Shenandoah. (02-13-2004)

glen hood says:
I saw two of these guys someplace near the Delaware Water Gap sometime in the early to mid 70's. I'm sure it was them. The guy on the right was on guitar. He was spectacular. The guy with the bird was the drummer. He was also great. Someone else was on bass and organ. He was real good too. They all sang. That's what I really was impressed about them. Lead singers all. I can't remember their name but I know it was't Glass Prism and they didn't play The Raven but they sure were good. It has to be them. I'm sure of it. Just what happens to these guys anyway? Can anyone confirm this? (02-12-2004)

Russ Baker says:
How did I miss these guys? They are great. Were they popular in the 60's or 70's? They must have been one of the best around. (02-12-2004)

Diane W says:
I don't know anything about a reunion or much about what ever is going on. What I do know is that this song is really neat. I like it. Two thumbs up. I need to get the Poe album. (02-11-2004)

Angel says:
I remember seeing the Glass Prism at Tippers I think it was called then. They were opening up for a lot of popular bands. I think one was the 1910 Fruitgum Company. There was no comparison. The Glass Prism always were better than any band that we ever saw them play with. Local, national or whatever. They were "The Perfict Band." They had the best songs, the best looks, the best voices and they were the best musicians around in their day. Love them. We all did and still do. (02-11-2004)

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