Poe through the Glass Prism

Quoth the Raven, "Oh my God!"

Here's another one of those "concept albums" that people used to do back in the 70's before musicians realized that it was a bad bet to expect people to have any interest in actual artistry. This one has the bold idea of recording a series of rock tunes set to the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe. All in all, it's not a bad idea, and one that must have been largely lost on the dope-smoking rock-n-roll record buyers of the era.

The music on this album is really pretty cool. Check out "The Raven", which I understand hit the charts for at least a little while in 1974. Its wailing Hammond organ sounds and monotone vocal delivery are pretty catchy. I also enjoy the way the band combines early-Beatles haircuts with late-Beatles costuming. Who can possibly resist a band with a velvet jacket and a giant black bird? Not me!

Poe through the Glass Prism
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The Raven (MP3) Once upon a midnight dreary...

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Alex ( says:
Like 4 months ago, I came across this site becuz it was a link to a cd store I go to here in Chicago. I was just lookin around and I saw these guys dressin in velvery flower royal jackets and frill shirts, and i thought "oh crap that looks AWESOME!" so I just read all the reviews and I became obbsessed w/ getting this album....Now I'm only 18 years old so I mean I'm like the "new fan" to the Glass Prism. So I found it on e-bay and snachted it quick and I was intrigued these guys are awesome. The album is totally unique and has alot of great songs. Man I woulda loved to see them back in the 60's live like you all said you have. Now I wanna get their 2nd album, hope it is just as good. The only thing I wonder is which band member is which, see I never heard of them till i found this site so i mean I have no clue to which member is whoi, can ne one help me w/ that? I'm gonna get my mic back from my ex, and record the record to a cd so I can listen to it in my car...AWESOME group, I'm gladf I found them. (01-10-2006)

Bond says:
They had a shot. (01-08-2006)

Karen says:
I am one of the faithful fans. Yes, I have both albums and I also have the single of The Raven and Eldorado. Just found this web site and I was very impressed with the many great complements. It is surprising to see that so many still appreciate and love The Glass Prism and their music. The memories are locked in. We will always remember those wonderfull days. (01-03-2006)

Jerry says:
I saw these guys so many times. They will always be The El Caminoes to me. I did see Shenandoah. That was when they were three pieces with Louie Cossa on bass. They were great. I think a reunion has to include any three, four or all five of the guys. Auggie, Tom, Carl, Rick and Louie. At this point many fans would love to see it happen. I wonder if the guys even realize the many people that love the memories and music. They obviously had a lasting impact. (12-28-2005)

CISCO says:

maureen ( says:
i remember dancing to the el caminos at DCC (dunmore high school) in 1969.....loved hearing the raven...i heard a band called the blue trolley signing this song in 1999 at billy weller's birthday party....they were great!!!!!!!!!! also remember the buoys playing at st. paul high school in scranton....far out ( where is my lava lamp)????? (12-25-2005)

Andrew Norton says:
New Years Resolution for the Glass Prism. Reunion in 2006. Let's do it guys. Old and new fans alike are pumped. (12-23-2005)

Dennis N says:
Nice! A wonderful tribute here for a great band.
When is the reunion? The fans await. (12-14-2005)

steve camasso ( says:
Hi, I remember seeing the Prism at the convention hall in Pitston in the late 60's
It was a battle of the bands.. And they we're great... I was a new drummer at the time, and to this day still play.. I recently met up with their drummer Rick..Very nice guy... Great to see a tribute for a well deserved bunch of guys... (12-06-2005)

J Edwards, Wall Street Journal says:
I am a long time fan of the Glass Prism. I had the occasion to meet them many years ago. I thought their live performances were outstanding and I still remember their great songs like The Raven. I thought I would share this recent Press Release from the Business Advisory Council of the National Republican Congressional Committee:

Washington, DC - The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) announced this week that Mr. Tom Varano of Endwell, NY has been selected as recipient of the 2005 Ronald Reagan Republican Gold Medal.

U.S. Representative Tom Reynolds (R-NY), Chairman of the NRCC, stated, "Mr. Varano has long supported Republican ideals, like debt reduction and tax reform as they relate to the growth and stability of small business in this country. I look forward to Mr. Varano's continued participation as a key member of the Committee and offer my congratulations on the award."

Mr. Varano has been awarded the 2005 National Leadership Award and is Honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Council.

The NRCC announced that Mr. Varano has been appointed to serve on the Business Advisory Council in recognition of valuable contribution and dedication. Mr. Varano will serve that state of New York and is expected to play a crucial role in the efforts to involve top business people in the process of government reform.

I'm not aware of the lives of most musicians but it's nice to see growth. I recently purchased a Poe through the Glass Prism album and it is a prised possession. Great memories never die.


atomicalex ( says:
we found this disc years ago at a flea market and grabbed it based on the engineering work of Les Paul as credited on the back. We had quite a surprise listening to it - it's a fun record that is well-thought-out and experimental for its time.

To those who think it is not so hot, you try doing what they did without modern instrumentation and modern production facilities. This record rocks! (10-31-2005)

Reno Christiano ( says:
This comment is for Augie Christiano, hey cuz if u read this give me an e-mail back at this address!!! (10-26-2005)

T.J. ( says:
Thanks for posting this song. I grew up in N.E. PA in this era and have fond memories of The Glass Prism. I probably haven't heard it in 25 years but I remembered the great vocals and organ riffs. I'd love to find the album again! (10-16-2005)

I enjoyed this group throughout high school, but at that time they were the EL Caminos. They were a cover group, as most were at that time. My friends and I traveled distances to see them perform. They covered every group to the point of perfection, and were one of the first groups in my area to have long hair and wear the hippy type clothing.
I remember they recorded a song or two one called "chocolate shop" the other "urgency" or something like that.
The group the Buoys (also from .N.E. Pa.) being younger seemed to be the protégés of the El Caminos, to the point of configuring their equipment in a very similar fashion. The buoys later on did become a bit more successful.
It seemed to me when their name changed to the Glass Prism and the album was released the whole thing fell apart and we didn?t see much of them again. (09-28-2005)

John ( says:
I have found a place to download this song. It is on AOL's Musicnet. Unfortunately, I can't access the site due to my new computer not being configured right.....yet. (09-14-2005)

Pete Schneider says:
I'm from Michigan. Nobody around here ever heard of them. I don't remember where I found the lp. I probably bought it because the cover is so irresistably goofy. It will always be one of my favorites and I spin it for anybody. If you like Poe (and who doesn't) and you like classic rock and roll...the Glass Prism ruled! (09-09-2005)

Delta says:
I'm a fan of the late 60's and early 70's music. How did this song slip through? It's better than most everything that came out then. (08-27-2005)

Maryann H says:
I just love this group. (08-19-2005)

Mary Berezinsky ( says:

If ever Carl Siracuse would be receptive to a GP reunion, it's now. (He had joined THE BUOYS after a rift between him and the other Glass Prism members and refused to even consider a reunion concert.) Tom, Rick, and Augie tried to get Lou Cossa to fill in as the fourth member but after much consideration Lou decided against it. Right now it looks like no more BUOYS reunion concerts because BILL KELLY & JERRY H. are going out as DAKOTA UNPLUGGED, leaving out former BUOYS members Carl, Fran Brozena, & Chris. If anyone knows where or how to contact Carl about a reunion, please do. He can e-mail Tom Varano at (07-30-2005)

Ian Christiano ( says:
I never thought I would hear my old man singing on the internet. (07-24-2005)

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