Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay

Muhammad Ali and friends take on the evils of sugary snacks.

I'd heard about this record years ago, and it sounded pretty good. I finally picked up a copy the other day, and -- sweet jesus -- this thing is better than anything I could have hoped for. It could be the single best record I own.

Start with Muhammad Ali spending 40 minutes discussing tooth decay. Add appearances by celebrity guest stars like Frank Sinatra and Richie Havens, a bunch of kids, and some truly wooden dialog straight out of a dental textbook. Throw in a song that doesn't make any sense. And if that isn't enough for you, top it off with narration by Howard Cosell.

It was more than enough for me. A sugar high is nothing compared to what I felt listening to this treasure. One track isn't enough. You want to listen to the whole thing straight through, like I did, and you want to do it twice to catch all the details. Then you want to play it in your car. Your walkman. Your bathroom -- while brushing and flossing your teeth, of course. One thing is for sure, I'll never look at ice cream the same way again.

Oh, and one more thing -- check out this amazing artwork from the back cover featuring trippy cartoon versions of Ali and the gang relaxing in Brother St. John's organic garden. Far out!

Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay
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Theme Song (MP3) Who put the crack in the Liberty Bell? What the??
Ice Cream (Real Audio) Shopkeeper Frank Sinatra tries to sell evil Ice Cream to the kids.
Flouride (Real Audio) Ali and (I think) Richie Havens discuss the benefits of Flouride.
The Fight Scene (Real Audio) Howard Cosell does the play-by-play. Really sick stuff.

Your Comments:

Michael says:
The non-Ali voice in "Fluoride" is Ossie Davis. (06-01-2004)

Butter Ball says:
Peanut Head. Do you have a mental problem? (05-12-2004)

toonie ( says:
Send me mail with shit
TX (04-28-2004)

Toonie ( says:
Send me mail with shit
TX (04-28-2004)

Keith ( says:
OH... MY God! I actually HAD this record when I was a 5 or 6 year old kid and used to... lip sync it, I was so into it. What the hell was I even doing back then?! Those clips just sent me back through a time warp of mondo weird proportions. Needless to say I have just finished a bowl of ice cream and Mr. Tooth Decay and Sugar Cuber can kiss my tooth-flossing ass. (04-20-2004)

Peanut Hed ( says:
I'm thinkin' that, yeah, Mr. Tooth Decay better be running wid fear cuz Mr. Ali's toothbrush gonna fill him fear, den Mr. Ali's gonna fill Decay's rectum mommy's calling me...bye (04-08-2004)

vonspike ( says:
The theme song is truely amazing! Makes me think of that freaking 7'' Club International flexi of Long Dong Silver ("Martin Luther King had a dream, Mohammed Ali had a furious fist and I have an 18'' chocolate flavored expression of joy....")

or something...

keep up the good work, Frank! (03-19-2004)

Stacey ( says:
yeah me and ali used laugh at this when he did it. i used to almost cry when he tried to fit his cock and his trainers dick into my ass at the same time without any lubricant, well, im still feeling the stretch marks from it and every night i wake up screaming "WE CAN FIT THREE DICKS IN GET JOE FRAZIER!!!" (03-17-2004)

Jezebel says:
What's all that about Ali squeezing a bunch of kids into his bus and showing them an old friend, then? What IS that about? Ick. (03-13-2004)

Brian ( says:
Yep its true... This one is a gem. Ol blue eyes pitching in to stomp out the age old problem of tooth decay. Screw war, prejudice and hatered! tooth decay is the real problem
!!! (03-12-2004)

Stevo ( says:
Just goes to show you.... we can turn a complete moron into a hero just because he can beat the hell outta someone. This is the single funniest thing I have ever heard. (03-04-2004)

kyle says:
i just finished a report on vinyl for my recording tech class...i think this picture would make a great cover....

this record is the tops (02-26-2004)

lu3ke says:
Um, the first thing I noticed is the "Volume I" in the upper right corner... Holy Frijoles. Could there possibly be a Volume II? or MORE?? For the sake of humanity, let us hope so. (02-24-2004)

Jo Momma (Jo@Momma.your) says:
This is a very scary album...
Completly random too!!! (02-16-2004)

Julius Belmont says:
Muhammad Ali fighting tooth decay... Hilarious! What's next, Mike Tyson beating up foot odor? (02-16-2004)

Max Frost says:
Don't laugh. Mr. Tooth Decay kicked Joe Frazier's ass. (02-16-2004)

bad boy says:
U bunch of sick motherfuckers - disgracing such superstars. U bunch of dick head, donkey shaggers (02-13-2004)

alicia jones says:
i really like this picture and songs i feel sorry for you and th edisease that you have

w.b.a.s.a.p. (02-11-2004)

alicia jones says:
i really like this picture and songs i feel sorry for you and th edisease that you have

w.b.a.s.a.p. (02-11-2004)

alicia jones says:
i really like this picture and songs i feel sorry for you and th edisease that you have

w.b.a.s.a.p. (02-11-2004)

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