Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay

Muhammad Ali and friends take on the evils of sugary snacks.

I'd heard about this record years ago, and it sounded pretty good. I finally picked up a copy the other day, and -- sweet jesus -- this thing is better than anything I could have hoped for. It could be the single best record I own.

Start with Muhammad Ali spending 40 minutes discussing tooth decay. Add appearances by celebrity guest stars like Frank Sinatra and Richie Havens, a bunch of kids, and some truly wooden dialog straight out of a dental textbook. Throw in a song that doesn't make any sense. And if that isn't enough for you, top it off with narration by Howard Cosell.

It was more than enough for me. A sugar high is nothing compared to what I felt listening to this treasure. One track isn't enough. You want to listen to the whole thing straight through, like I did, and you want to do it twice to catch all the details. Then you want to play it in your car. Your walkman. Your bathroom -- while brushing and flossing your teeth, of course. One thing is for sure, I'll never look at ice cream the same way again.

Oh, and one more thing -- check out this amazing artwork from the back cover featuring trippy cartoon versions of Ali and the gang relaxing in Brother St. John's organic garden. Far out!

Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay
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Theme Song (MP3) Who put the crack in the Liberty Bell? What the??
Ice Cream (Real Audio) Shopkeeper Frank Sinatra tries to sell evil Ice Cream to the kids.
Flouride (Real Audio) Ali and (I think) Richie Havens discuss the benefits of Flouride.
The Fight Scene (Real Audio) Howard Cosell does the play-by-play. Really sick stuff.

Your Comments:

Jeff ( says:
The best part of this album has to be the "fight song" on side one...Ali starts out by bragging about how tough he is ("I eat for breakfast, railroad spikes...I hospitalized a brick, I'm so mean I make medicine sick!") and later declares, "We've got the stuff to run him [Mr. Tooth Decay] away from here, just like I did George Foreman over in Zaire." Brilliant.

Also gotta love the part on side 2 where one of the kids gets tooth decay five seconds after eating *one* piece of cake...WOW. (05-16-2005)

Google me Gerry Aire says:
I heard this album's cute. A landmark in time. (05-15-2005)

illness says:
yo, this album is amazing, im listening to side b right now and ure right, i am gonna walk around w/ a walkman listening to this. Hands down the best album ive heard in years , well its up there. (01-26-2005)

Hutch says:
Oh, the horror!

Somebody please tell me that's NOT Tom Arnold on the trippy back cover art (on the ladder, just to the right of Ali).

Please! (12-07-2004)

Ivory Joe Fezzewig ( says:
...and here is the best part, WILL SMITH is no-
where to be found on this record! (12-07-2004)

Frank Hitman says:
Go straight to the hot place. (12-02-2004)

oh you're so orginal turd. (11-27-2004)

H. Turd Ferguson ( says:
No more sweets for me. Ever. And I think I'll take up boxing and get the shit knocked out my brain every night. Then in 20 years, I won't be able to talk or stand without shaking. That'll be a lot better than getting cavities. (11-21-2004)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
ALI is just like THE COS (see my comments on the Cos elswhere) - only multipled by ten.

I mean - it's MUHAMMAD ALI - fer crissakes!

If he wants to do 40 minutes on tooth decay, urban decay or the decay of radioactive isotopes - who's gonna ARGUE with him?! Not me! You?

ALI comes from a time before cable, the internet and plausable deniability. Christ, before COLOR! (unless you count the drinking fountains and schools.) There was time when people like Ali and the Beatles and JFK could stand astride the world stage without touching shoulders with the likes of, well - Brittney. I mean, he was HUGE! Keep in mind - this was before every chimp and his brother had a four-track recorder balanced on a pizza box in their smelly cages. It took money, people, equipment and organization (because without money - there is NO orgainzation) to CREATE 40 minutes worth of tooth decay music. Only people with enough "juice" could get it done and - Brother Man - ALI HAD IT back then! He was EVERYWHERE. And he was JUICY! I even think he had a song called "Float Like A Butterfly (Sting Like A Bee)" and which was a minor hit. The guy can't even SING (although he's better than the COS) and he charts! SWEEEEEET!

God! I sound like one of those old farts that used wax nostalgic about WWII and Glenn Miller at the Avalon Casino.

Somebody SHOOT me! (11-10-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
VOTE KERRY/EDWARDS! (10-27-2004)

Vicky says:
This is amazing! I looked up Mr. Tooth Decay after listening to the When We Were Kings soundtrack.... This is brilliant! (10-22-2004)

Joli ( says:
"Who Put the Crack In the Liberty Bell" captures the true spirit of what I believe the 70's to be all about. It leaves the Frankenberry, Booberry & Count Chocula Monsters disco 45 in the dust. Now this makes me want to go back in time vs.running in fearful symmetry in the opposite direction (in the case of the monster disco 45). (10-12-2004)

intl. louise says:
my mom has a copy of looks like it was put out by the association of dentists. maybes muhhamed ali was hurting for cash? thats my guess. (10-06-2004)

gofuckyourself says:
you need 2 get a life (09-27-2004)

bent4toons says:
What would Sugar Ray have to say about this record? (08-30-2004)

bent4toons says:
Wait a Minute?
He calls himself Muhammad Ali?
And he's singing about putting cracks in the Liberty Bell?

THis guy is probably an Al Quaeda Front Man!

The mere thought makes me quiver and shake. (08-30-2004)

Matty D ( says:
If anybody here is looking for a copy of this, I have one in excellent conditioned, never opened. Email me. (07-27-2004)

J. Yeltsin says:
He's the black Superman! ALI! (07-25-2004)

mayor george ( says:
send visa for me (07-12-2004)

Peanut Head says:
Gee, tanks dere Michael....

whodafuk is Ossie Davis?? He marryed to dat Hailey Barry?? Cuz is so...den he iss a lucky sumbitch fer sure....

An dis guy aksin' if I has a mental problem, but CALLS HISSELF BUTTERBALL...tink he is a turkey haw haw...

Lissen dopes...get sum JAMMY OSMINDT CDs, nekkid, lava lamp, smokes, liqour DEN chill out dueds....

Nekkid is best wid yer balls danglin' over da lamp den....oops...yes Mommy?..(I haveta go...bye).. (06-01-2004)

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