Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay

Muhammad Ali and friends take on the evils of sugary snacks.

I'd heard about this record years ago, and it sounded pretty good. I finally picked up a copy the other day, and -- sweet jesus -- this thing is better than anything I could have hoped for. It could be the single best record I own.

Start with Muhammad Ali spending 40 minutes discussing tooth decay. Add appearances by celebrity guest stars like Frank Sinatra and Richie Havens, a bunch of kids, and some truly wooden dialog straight out of a dental textbook. Throw in a song that doesn't make any sense. And if that isn't enough for you, top it off with narration by Howard Cosell.

It was more than enough for me. A sugar high is nothing compared to what I felt listening to this treasure. One track isn't enough. You want to listen to the whole thing straight through, like I did, and you want to do it twice to catch all the details. Then you want to play it in your car. Your walkman. Your bathroom -- while brushing and flossing your teeth, of course. One thing is for sure, I'll never look at ice cream the same way again.

Oh, and one more thing -- check out this amazing artwork from the back cover featuring trippy cartoon versions of Ali and the gang relaxing in Brother St. John's organic garden. Far out!

Ali and His Gang vs. Mr. Tooth Decay
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Theme Song (MP3) Who put the crack in the Liberty Bell? What the??
Ice Cream (Real Audio) Shopkeeper Frank Sinatra tries to sell evil Ice Cream to the kids.
Flouride (Real Audio) Ali and (I think) Richie Havens discuss the benefits of Flouride.
The Fight Scene (Real Audio) Howard Cosell does the play-by-play. Really sick stuff.

Your Comments:

blank man (htttp:// says:
did you have a lot of chicks when you were boxing. are you gay? (02-06-2004)

Suzie ( says:
This Sucks (02-03-2004)

matt watkins (my address is 96 bayport 94070 california san carlos) says:
come by my house and we could discuss me and ur relationship in bed with my dick in your crack (01-27-2004)

nick says:
i wish i could fuck ali (01-27-2004)

Paul (BarkingHare@Excite.Com) says:
Thank you, Frank. Now all my neighbors think I'm some kind of a nut for listening to these weird records. My sides are aching but still... (01-02-2004)

pabstor ( says:
does anyone have a a copy of this album for sale? (12-04-2003)

Marko says:
I could be wrong, but isn't he still alive?
Anyways this stuff is hilarious and the first track is awesome. (12-04-2003)

howard says:
I'm glad his is dead, that fat man (11-29-2003)

Sir Mix A Lot says:
Re: the amazing BACK cover art work. Frank & Ritchie KNOW WHERE IT'S AT! Reaching up for them SWEET BUTTOCKS in the Ass Tree! Totally in character for Frank, but Mr. Havens?....I bet he assked permission before getting a piece! (11-22-2003)

parKer says:
hes fat and ogle (11-20-2003)

AliB says:
who smoked the crack in the liberty bell? (11-04-2003)

Will ( says:
What if Ali were alive today!

Ali and his gang vs. Mr. Hepatitus 'C'

Hey kids, learning to fight 'HEP 'C' can be fun AND educational!
Hey Gang, lets learn NOT to share our needles, ok? That way we can beat that mean ol' Mr. Hep 'C'. Common kids, sing along with me.
Who put tha crack into Miss Liberty Bell, Mr. P, Mr P. and who comes to see her if she shares her works? Mr. C, that Mean ol' Mr. 'C' !

Frank Sinatra could be shaking and sitting in his urine soaked sweat suit, back in an alleyway waiting for the Meth Clinic to open in the morning while Howard Cosell walked the streets narating this story of how Ali and his Gang were about to beat hell out of communicable disease with their "can do" attitudes and street smart ways, giving out "clean" needles, the good ol' Democratic Way!
Floating like a Doctor holds a syringe and stinging like a thick milky injection of cold Penicillin into your left Buttock.
Ali, you Da Man! (10-23-2003)

mr whippy says:
stop badmouthing icecream man (10-18-2003)

mike sheahan ( says:
I always thought Ali had great teeth, now I know why, That was a giant toothbrush in his pocket all along. (10-14-2003)

random_user ( says:
this scares me. oh my god. oh my god. stop!!!! (10-12-2003)

jbd1275 ( says:
If anyone is looking for this Alubum, I just listed it on Ebay. It is Mint condition, The wrapper has not been opened (10-07-2003)

Reverend Sam ( says:
good lord

good lord (10-03-2003)

Daniel Whiteley ( says:
"Sweet mary mother of God! Ive been collecting records and cds for 25 years, both classic and utter crap, but..but..this is just in a league of its own!..Am I dreaming this? Or is it a nightmare?

I salute you for putting this on the web, and salute thouse crazy cats of the 70's for conceiving such an album...

Sweet jesus!

Keep digging for vinyl trash! (09-29-2003)

D says:
wtf is .jsp?? how the hell do you listen to this stuff? (09-23-2003)

pennydinawoods ( says:
Then who's Brother St. John? (09-17-2003)

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