The Monsters Go Disco

Count Chocula, Frankenberry & Boo Berry 'go disco' in the lamest possible manner.

Here's one of those cardboard records they gave away in (and sometimes on) cereal boxes back in the 70s. This one features the sugar-frosted monster trio in one of the most predictable, derivative and utterly unnecessary stories I've ever heard. I can't decide what I like worst about this record. Is it the recycled voice impressions? The unfunny jokes? The incredibly bad "Monster Mania" disco tune?

The only thing I enjoyed about this record is the voice of Donna Disco at the end. She's only got one line, but she says it with the intonation of a drugged-up party girl who's spent too many nights at Studio 54. It's part of this complete breakfast, kids!

The Monsters Go Disco
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Monsters Go Disco (Real Audio) Who will win the disco contest? The suspense is... making me hungry.

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Rick Appleby ( says:
I wish I still had "Half" of the memorabillia from when I was a kid; who knows, it maybe worth something someday. (04-30-2012)

Little Jeffy says:
I suppose Count Chocula is supposed to be Lugosi (at least there's the 'Transylvania' accent), Frankenberry is obviously Karloff, but most delightful to find that Boo Berry is Peter Lorre! Gotta love it. (12-17-2009)

kayo (wpos2 attt roadrunnerdot com) says:
Discos here, discos there. . . lmao!

They have to go to learn how to disco?

It seems that the monsters inadvertently created break dancing on this record.

So what is Donna Disco's phone number? She sounds pretty easy! lmao! (08-01-2008)

Captain Steaksacue says:
My dick shriveled up listening to Monster Mania. (08-11-2007)

Phil McRevis says:
Frank N. Berry, YOUR head is modelled after an ass. (11-29-2006)

Frank N. Berry ( says:
As one of the original artists of the cover art for General Mill's FrankenBerry cereal, I am deeply appalled that someone out there would confuse FrankenBerry's head with an ass. My team and I collectively came up with the concept that his head should be modeled after a strawberry. We deliberately made his fingernails look like strawberries and colored him in a reddish tone. His head is, in fact, modeled after a strawberry, not an ass. (11-21-2006)

Boo Berry says:
I'm the best cereal. Count Chocula was a self-absorbed prick. Franken was the only one who didn't treat me like crap. Yummy Mummy was a cool dude, too. Too bad he died. Fruit Bruit was a wolf, so of course he was a prick. Shot with a silver bullet. What a way to go. Count Chocula should be dead by now. He was cool at first, and then his fame went to his head and he acted like he was better than everyone. He pissed off Cap'n Crunch one time. (07-27-2006)

jeff ( says:
I like the fake wolf man jack bit.....Hmmmmmm (07-22-2006)

Jimmy Moop ( says:
I actually had this record when I was about 12. Pulled it from the cereal box and played it once...JUST ONCE!!!!! It promptly went into the dustbin. Nearly 30 years later, we are celebrating it as a piece of seventies camp. (06-30-2006)

twitch says:
Actually, Da Punk, it was Fruit Brute (mebbe Froot Broot), not Wolf. Good god, man. Also not as well known is Yummy Mummy. I... can't believe I took the time to write that out... Anyway I'm gonna sample the hell out of this and make some cash... (06-27-2006)

Chad (chadfox at gmail dot com) says:
This is four minutes and twenty-five seconds of my life I'll never, ever get back. (05-12-2006)

Scott ( says:
Wow. I clicked on the link, just for the kitsch of it...and I somehow went back in time. I quickly realized that I had that damn record when I was 6 or 7. Thanks for the timewarp. It's a keeper. (04-02-2006)

Da Punk ( says:
The Gravestone Five and The Spook Group...where can we find records by those groups cause they have to be trippy as hell. Is that Wolfman Jack as the announcer and Cher as Donna Disco. Wonders where General Mills got these voices. When is this and the other Monster Records - I believe there were 3 going to be released on CD cause this stuff is awesome. Long Live Fruit Wolf (the lesser know Monster of the Count Chocula group). Too band Fruit Wolf did not get to play on the record cause he would howled like the DJ. Also this release provide my theroy that BOO BERRY was the first scratch DJ in the WORLD. (01-15-2006)

Pardon Me While I Rock You says:
I've just read the last comment. My tears are being cried for the fate of humanity. (06-17-2005)

Tigah says:
The grooviest monster boogie record is where Super Snooper and Blabber Mouse investigate the Gruesome Family (I think they lived down the street from the Flintstones). Do you have that record? I DO!!!! (06-13-2005)

Finster says:
Yeah, like we didn't EXPECT this to be a really bad record people? Please, where do you think the term "out of the cereal box" came from? (04-28-2005)

Turd Ferguson ( says:
This record doesn't capture the disco scene at all, man. And by that I mean they didnt take drugs and have anonymous sex. But I suppose we are dealing with B-list cereal cartoon characters here. When Tony the Tiger went to Studio 54, he got some. And by that I mean he dropped acid and had sex with 5-10 girls. (04-04-2005)

hannibal ( says:
count chocula never should have wasted his time with those other two assholes... he was the real talent. (04-01-2005)

Mad Dr. Matt ( says:
You kids don't know from good cereal! Why back in my time you had raw wheat soaked in warm cow's milk right outta the teet! Now THERE was some REAL roughage! (11-16-2004)

oooooooh says:
settle down van helsing (10-29-2004)

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