The Monsters Go Disco

Count Chocula, Frankenberry & Boo Berry 'go disco' in the lamest possible manner.

Here's one of those cardboard records they gave away in (and sometimes on) cereal boxes back in the 70s. This one features the sugar-frosted monster trio in one of the most predictable, derivative and utterly unnecessary stories I've ever heard. I can't decide what I like worst about this record. Is it the recycled voice impressions? The unfunny jokes? The incredibly bad "Monster Mania" disco tune?

The only thing I enjoyed about this record is the voice of Donna Disco at the end. She's only got one line, but she says it with the intonation of a drugged-up party girl who's spent too many nights at Studio 54. It's part of this complete breakfast, kids!

The Monsters Go Disco
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Monsters Go Disco (Real Audio) Who will win the disco contest? The suspense is... making me hungry.

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Your Comments:

nelson ( says:
monsters go to hell not parties (10-29-2004)

KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! says:
KERRY & EDWARDS IN '04! (10-28-2004)

Joli ( says:
I am seriously at a loss. It's mostly dialogue & hardly any disco. I was thinking of something more along the lines of Disco Duck by Rick Dees only monster style. Or... something more like Macho Duck by Donald Duck only monsterfied. If it's not fun for adults, chances are, it insults a child's intelligence as well. Even the Sesame Street disco songs like the Cookie Monster at the disco are better than this! Help! Shoot me now!As much as I LOVE 70's nostalgia TO A FAULT, this record is all talk & NO DISCO. If I had gotten this record in my cereal box back in the 70's I'd feel like Alexander in the midst of his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. (10-12-2004)

Cadillac ( says:
i was very impressed it took me way back i was a
child i actually had the record i just cant
find any frankenberry cereal (10-11-2004)

mike says:
good (09-14-2004)

bowser says:
Frankenberry sucks. Long live BOO!!! (07-26-2004) says:
if anyone has this lame as thing for sale please let me know. my sister has a collection of cereal box records............. (07-21-2004)

Disco Schmisco says:
These are some grown ass men. Grown ass men.... (04-29-2004)

Joey Traughber ( says:
This Record STILL is an awful piece of shit! (04-19-2004)

Joey Traughber ( says:
What an awful piece of shit! (04-09-2004)

Anne Sharp ( says:
The actor who played Booberry on the original TV ads did a fantastic version of Peter Lorre circa 1940. Regrettably, the guy who does Booberry on this disc seems to have prepared for his role by studying Yetch in "Mad Monster Party." What a disappointment.

Otherwise, the performances on the record aren't bad (nice pacing, voice work, etc.), it's the godawful WRITING. Whose decision was it to have Count Chocula reject the opportunity to dance all night with a beautiful woman and go home and eat cereal with his nerdy friends? I can hear the spirit of Bela Lugosi roaring with masculine outrage. (04-05-2004)

Consie says:
Donna Disco absolutely kills. (03-10-2004)

Hailey ( says:
The scary thing was the man at the end said thier were more records to have! (02-07-2004)

Monkey Fist ( says:
i hate this site (02-06-2004)

oh dear oh dear says:
Well it beats the Smurfs Go Pop (01-09-2004)

Paul (BarkingHare@Excite.Com) says:
The saddest thing is if Bela Lugosi were still alive he would have done Count Chocula's voice. (01-03-2004)

Jim Reynolds ( says:
I think the voice of Donna Disco was done by Helen Hunt. (12-28-2003)

Reese's Peices says:
Frankenberry can't be gay, he sucks at dancing. All gay guys can dance, remember? (12-24-2003)

Frank Defender ( says:
is Frankenberry gay? I think he's just eccentric is all and a little misunderstood. Don't hate the playa! He is super fresh in that pink vest. Now, count chocula, that guy is an obvious deviant. and, Booberry? what the hell happened to him as a child? Plus, where is yummy mummy or fruit brute? the top 3 monsters screwed them out of the royalties and writing credits for this song, thats where.

Keep on rocking Frankenberry! (11-03-2003)

huckleberry pie says:
Ron K. said it best - this is a true ripsnorter. Anyone who doesn't like this should listen to it until they finally do like it. I'm going to listen again. (10-24-2003)

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