The Monsters Go Disco

Count Chocula, Frankenberry & Boo Berry 'go disco' in the lamest possible manner.

Here's one of those cardboard records they gave away in (and sometimes on) cereal boxes back in the 70s. This one features the sugar-frosted monster trio in one of the most predictable, derivative and utterly unnecessary stories I've ever heard. I can't decide what I like worst about this record. Is it the recycled voice impressions? The unfunny jokes? The incredibly bad "Monster Mania" disco tune?

The only thing I enjoyed about this record is the voice of Donna Disco at the end. She's only got one line, but she says it with the intonation of a drugged-up party girl who's spent too many nights at Studio 54. It's part of this complete breakfast, kids!

The Monsters Go Disco
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Monsters Go Disco (Real Audio) Who will win the disco contest? The suspense is... making me hungry.

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Your Comments:

Cup'o'life noodles says:
YoU GET eeeeemmmmmmm......And yaaaaaaaa RIDeY RIDeY RIDeY (04-14-2003)

bob....just.....bob says:
I.....ummmm......errrrr.....uhhhhhh....URF.....MMMM......:::Throws up all over the place. (04-14-2003)

Ben Hillard ( says:
Had we translated this into Arabic and broadcasted onto the Iraqi airwaves,the war would have been over in hours!By the way what happened to Fruit Brute?Back at the pad snorting lines? (04-08-2003)

George ( says:
The tradition lives on. My kids got a CD in a
package of Kelloggs' "Buzz Blasts"; 3 awful songs extolling the virtues of Buzz Lightyear.
You'd probably see it posted here in 20 years,
if it were half assed amusing, but it's not even fun kiddie rock. just sorta blah, keyboardy crap. (04-07-2003)

ross says:
i remember this used to cut up your mouth? remember, after eating this crap you spend all day using your tongue trying to remove the stalagtites from the roof of your mouth. (04-02-2003)

Inaudible says:
This is the greatest marketing scheme I have ever had the pleasure to witness, god bless nutrition-devoid breakfast cereals everywhere. (03-23-2003)

Joker501 says:
If you make it to the end, they say that there's MORE monster adventures! Oh happy day!


thissucks says:
I hate this pathetic crap, it deserves to die, i feel like an idiot eating their cereals! (02-15-2003)

Tara says:
i remember this record - i can't believe i actually had this record... i only recognized it when the tune "monster-mania" started playing. (02-13-2003)

woo hoo says:
I am your tower of power, the man of the hour, so don't go squeezing me sour! I'm fine, divine and guaranteed to blow your mind--it's now Godfather time! (02-13-2003)

Unimpressed says:
If there was any disco music on that record, I must have slept through it. (02-13-2003)

Bentwire says:
Who knows what other ungodly creations might exist out there. Its a wonder everyone from our generation isn't lock in a looney bin somewhere. (02-12-2003)

d00d says:
Ahh that takes me back...i remember only 17...heh nevermind (02-12-2003)

sean says:
and one more thing: monkey hate clean. (02-11-2003)

sean says:
do not post a real media file. i repeat: do not post a real media file. everyone hates real media. mp3, my friend, is the way to go. i reiterate: do not, for the love of God, post anything that is real media. or quicktime. thank you. (02-11-2003)

Rod Schoonover says:
Billy wriggles uncomfortably in his bed, unable to sleep. Mommy's crying again and Daddy has a funny mediciney smell on his breath. They yell at each other a lot at night. Pretty soon, Billy realizes that he is not alone, that there are monsters underneath the bed, in the closet, in the drawers. He cries out for his parents, once twice and again, but still it's not enough. They are too busy with their stupid lives to hear him! He hates them. The monsters smack their lips and cackle, the kind of laugh that only the soulless possess. Why do they bother Billy so? If only stupid Daddy would get off the recliner, then these monsters would go away. Must kill Daddy.

Of course, it is clear that Billy, in his preteen angst, has conjured up these monsters because they are easier to deal with than the complexities of familial turmoil. It is also evident, that without some kind of intervention, Billy will undoubtedly go on to become some kind of alcoholic, or perhaps a child molester.

This is why the producers made this record, to make these scary monsters more palatable. Who can be scared of a vampire who discos, or a reanimated god-loathing monstrosity who shakes his behind and points skyward?

A noble goal, that. However, showing these creatures, cartoonish or otherwise, as anything but horrible creatures is blasphemy. Instead of Frankenberry going to the disco, he should be seeking forgiveness for his existence for he is a walking affront to all that is holy. And clearly BooBerry, the effiminate ghost of a once-forgotten past, is part of the liberal gay agenda.

Send this record and its purveyors of antiChristianity back to the filth from which it came! (02-11-2003)

Super Greg ( says:
#1! (02-11-2003)

Ezzy says:
Count Chocula is the one that holds me at night when I'm scared. He whispers in my ear, "Don't worry little one. It'll be all right in the morning. Just lay still and don't move. You won't feel a thing". In the morning Count Chocula says, "Dance!" Then Frankenberry and Boo Berry come along and perform strange rituals involving secret handshakes and sacred words. I'm scared again :( (02-11-2003)

Bern ( says:
I love Frankenberry! Disco dance! Everbody loves
to disco dance. Eat your cereal and dance - dance
the whole night if the mood is right. Please post
in MP3, Frankenberry.
Boo Berry too!
Disco? (02-11-2003)

sam (splamm@YAHOO.COM) says:
I remember as a kid cutting out the cardboard record "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" from a box of Honeycomb cereal. I think I still have it somewhere. It was pretty lame and they never finished telling the whole story (02-11-2003)

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