The Monsters Go Disco

Count Chocula, Frankenberry & Boo Berry 'go disco' in the lamest possible manner.

Here's one of those cardboard records they gave away in (and sometimes on) cereal boxes back in the 70s. This one features the sugar-frosted monster trio in one of the most predictable, derivative and utterly unnecessary stories I've ever heard. I can't decide what I like worst about this record. Is it the recycled voice impressions? The unfunny jokes? The incredibly bad "Monster Mania" disco tune?

The only thing I enjoyed about this record is the voice of Donna Disco at the end. She's only got one line, but she says it with the intonation of a drugged-up party girl who's spent too many nights at Studio 54. It's part of this complete breakfast, kids!

The Monsters Go Disco
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Monsters Go Disco (Real Audio) Who will win the disco contest? The suspense is... making me hungry.

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Your Comments:

jorge says:
I can dance to this!!!!! Thanx (02-11-2003)

Jesse says:
YES! I had this when I was a kid. It is the same idea as the cd's nowadays in cereal boxes but these things were records made of real thin plastic so four or five min.s was the max play time. I had three or four diffrent kinds of these things... (02-11-2003)

_paegan_ says:
And the Boomers wondered why their kids turned out like we did. (02-11-2003)

spike ( says:
is this like those CDs they put in cereal boxes now? I don't get it. (02-11-2003)

MasterBlaster says:
Pleae post it in a format we can actually play!

Realnetworks products will never touch any machine I administer... (02-11-2003)

h0lyShiat says:
I've been wondering about these things. I remember them, but all my friends thought I was high.
Thanks for proving these things actually did exist. (02-11-2003)

Andy says:
Tacky and a trip down memory lane. Amazing that they managed to keep the audio quality so high.

Thanks for putting it up. (02-11-2003)

DJDDRDan says:
Please post an MP3! (02-11-2003)

Dookie ( says:
sorry and can go screw off. Who CARES what format it's in?!?!?!? It's the content that counts!!!

morons. losers. get a friggin'. life.

I'm glad to see it in any format! It's hilarious.

Thanks dude!


Rob Banzai says:
It's bad! I'm blind just from listening to it!

Now I wonder if my brother's cereal box record of "Going Back to Indiana" by The Jackson 5 is next to be immortalized. (02-11-2003)

Dan says:
Think about this, a whole group of people were actually involved to make this... (02-11-2003)

sorry says:
Please re-encode your media in an Open Format. The nexus of Open Media formats can be found at; purveyors of Ogg Vorbis. Superior in size and fidelity. Thankyou. (02-11-2003)

stebe says:
Why don't you use the MP3 or windows media file formats. Real's Spyware is not welcome on my system. (02-11-2003)

lelly! says:
this is the greatest thing ever.


Mikey says:
Real Audio is the devil's plaything... (02-11-2003)

Johnny ( says:
My ears won't stop bleeding. (02-11-2003)

Todd McClure says:
What format can I play this wav on? (02-11-2003)

Ken ( says:
Look for more of these "adventures" we're urged at the end. There were MORE? Can they be killed by driving a 45 spindle through their center? (02-11-2003)

Jeff ( says:
Is it possible for my ears to vomit? If not, I have quite a problem on my hands right now.

Other than that,

Best. Record. EVER! (02-11-2003)

KateTheGreat says:
"let's go disco!"
"yeah, dis go here, dis go there!"
"no, disco DANCING!"

i love it! (02-04-2003)

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