The Monsters Go Disco

Count Chocula, Frankenberry & Boo Berry 'go disco' in the lamest possible manner.

Here's one of those cardboard records they gave away in (and sometimes on) cereal boxes back in the 70s. This one features the sugar-frosted monster trio in one of the most predictable, derivative and utterly unnecessary stories I've ever heard. I can't decide what I like worst about this record. Is it the recycled voice impressions? The unfunny jokes? The incredibly bad "Monster Mania" disco tune?

The only thing I enjoyed about this record is the voice of Donna Disco at the end. She's only got one line, but she says it with the intonation of a drugged-up party girl who's spent too many nights at Studio 54. It's part of this complete breakfast, kids!

The Monsters Go Disco
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Monsters Go Disco (Real Audio) Who will win the disco contest? The suspense is... making me hungry.

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Eric says:
Booberry is still made, but only a few stores carry it (Cub Foods in Chicago is one). I think you can actually buy it direct from the manufacturer if no stores sell it in your area.

Nowadays about half the kids' cereals out there have enough food coloring to make the kids poop green or blue, but Booberry seems to be the only one whose reputation depends on that quality (Kaboom came close, though). (01-31-2003)

Thunderfudge says:
I actually like the music up to the point where they start singing. Kind of like a demented Billy Preston or Shugie Otis on whippets and crank. Do they still make Booberry? I haven't seen it in awhile, it always made your poop a funny color. (01-28-2003)

Corey Klemow says:
Where was Fruit Brute? Disco would have been much more up his alley! (01-26-2003)

marcos ( says:
wow what a great record perfect for the end of a mixed tape also mr Danel if your not gonna eat that cereal would ya send it to me Im just a fiend for monster cereals I ate a box of quisp with my rat in the lab just this morning just in case heres me address 5107 ne 17th st portland oregon 97212 have a berry bat day (01-24-2003)

Drew ( says:
Beautiful! (01-21-2003)

snarfdude ( says:
instead of a real audio file...could you post a good quality Mp3???? would love to use it on our weekly internet radio show CHEEZE PLEEZE.....

delightfully cheezy......more so now that frankenberry is history!!!

I have the odd couple and laverne and shirley LP's and have played them in the past!!! great stuff!!!

drop me a line!



K ( says:
this thing hurts my brain...'terrible' and 'mind numbing' just don't cut it...ill conceived may be close...and yet, it's still not as bad as that god awful linda mc cartney 'hey jude' backup vocal thing...that made me want to jab my eye socket with a whisk. (01-17-2003)

john ( says:
this looks mindboggling... my only question is how the hell do i play ANY of these? precisely how do i play this .jsp file type? somebody please help! (01-13-2003)

Chris ( says:
Loved it...... could listen to over and over again! (01-05-2003)

Margaret ( says:
I'm so glad I was too young for this. (01-03-2003)

John ( says:
Superb! (12-25-2002)

EM ( says:
Toooooooooo campy! Iluvitiluvitiluvit! (12-18-2002)

TheBobo ( says:
How lame!! The "actors" can't even stay in character! The guy doing Count Chocula trys to imitate Bele Lugosi but sounds more like a lame Borsche-Belt yidish comedian! (11-12-2002)

Neuman ( says:
I thought my Walter Wanderley organ lp's were pretty cheesy...then I heard this. (11-07-2002)

kat ( says:
way toooooooo funny (11-03-2002)

Formigo says:
Good god! The dialogue in this thing is shrieking to find its way onto a mix tape. I'd even pay two dollars for this record (or flexidisc or whatever it is).

As for the music... hilariously awful.

I like it. (10-19-2002)

S. Danel ( says:
Why does Booberry always come out on the short end of these cereal monster confrontations? He doesn't even get to do a dance solo, so of course Framkenberry and Count Chocula tie for first place in the competition! It's not fair.
Actually, I like this. I think it's kind of cute.
As for the voices, the guy doing the Boris Karloff voice (Frankenberry) is the best, and the guy doing the Bela Lugosi voice (Count Chocula) is way off. The Peter Lorre (Booberry) impersonater is not the worst I've heard, but isn't exactly spot-on either. He seems to have gone for a Peter Lorre in "Arsenic and Old Lace" sound.
By the way, last year (2001) General Mills gave away a CD with the monster cereals as a Halloween bonus. I bought a box of Booberry just to get it in hopes of MAYBE hearing a cute Peter Lorre impersonation. Well, Booberry wasn't even on that one! And it had a bunch of the worst rap songs imaginable on it. It made for a very annoying afternoon. This disco record is a masterpiece compared to THAT thing! Plus, I still have the 4/5 full box of the cereal hanging around my kitchen uneaten because it tastes so bad. (10-14-2002)

robert says:
i can't believe nobody has commented on the graphics! are chocula and frankenberry actually a gay goth couple? and what does boo berry do anyway. videotape them? sheesh! (09-24-2002)

Dave A. ( says:
I never knew this existed. I had all the glow-in-the-dark stickers and pencil erasers...they were cool.This isn't. (09-08-2002)

Wyman ( says:
After listening to this, I tossed up all the Boo Berries I ate back in the 70s (09-05-2002)

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