The Odd Couple Sings

Tony Randall & Jack Klugman with more misguided music from TV land.

Just when I thought I'd heard the last of singing TV characters, this gem shows up. It's Tony Randall and Jack Klugman, playing their famous characters Felix and Oscar... and singing. Why?

I tried to sing once, and I ended up sounding a lot like Jack Klugman does on this record. But at least I had the decency not to subject myself to thousands of unsuspecting record buyers.

The Odd Couple Sings
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Johnny One Note (MP3) Klugman tests out his voice.
You're So Vain (MP3) It's the Odd Couple, "singing" Carly Simon's big hit. Holy crap!
When Banana Skins Are Falling (MP3) Sounds like something Felix would sing on the show.

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Your Comments:

Joey Traughber ( says:
Tony Randall Passed away. These songs may be corny, But they are a fitting tribute to one of the greatest comedies of all time! Jack Klugman does a great job too! (05-18-2004)

billdcat says:
Believe it or not, a local MOR radio station used to have "When Banana Skins Are Falling"
in regular rotation of old songs. (05-06-2004)

Peanut Head (peehed@yahoo.whatever) says:
Hey Julie...I taught ya was an yer husbind Dr. Joe Early....

I loved yer muzik...but sorry sweetie, I still loves JIMMY OSMINDT...he DA BOMB.

Julie, why doncha cum over ta my place for a few drinks and is my address;

Mr. P. Nut Head
69 Iluvtosukonjuliestitstillicum Boulevard
Bumfuk, Idaho

I put on da Jimmy OSMUNDT...we get nekkid...den Mommy is calling me...I haveta go...bye... (05-01-2004)

Julie London says:
Oh Peanut Head (05-01-2004)

kimarley (amyvskimarley) says:
kimarley has no access to is emeail what is going on (03-03-2004)

jeff ( says:

Worth hearing Klugman say "gavotte". Fun. (02-26-2004)

Dick Tater says:
Two words can only describe "You're so vain", AY CHINGA!! (02-10-2004)

Nice Names says:
OWWWWW OW OW OW OUCH! (01-09-2004)

Still Reese's Peices says:
Reverse that last one. (12-24-2003)

Reese's Peices says:
And yes Oscar is definately taking pipe from Felix. (12-24-2003)

Reese's Peices says:
It's the best ever. (12-24-2003)

lowell says:
as a kid i used to have this recorad

brings back memorys lol (12-07-2003)

Robert ( says:
It just sounds like they had a really good time making this record, Klugman knows the wretchedness of his voice which is used and mocked to good advantage. In fact, I wouldn't be all that surprised if his voice was better than that in real life!
Whta should be mentioned is that side 2 of the album is an entire Odd couple episode done up as an opera! (10-07-2003)

Anna ( says:
Funny stuff, I just wish it was in MP3 format so i could burn it on a CD becuase I would love to use it for music in the Odd Couple play we are putting on at my school. (09-10-2003)

marc ( says:
I now have a reason to drink heavily. Well, more heavily than usual. (08-27-2003)

Peanut Head ( says:
Nowadays, dese two guys could go up to Toronto and git married.

Look at dat cover! Me thinks Felix is getting it up de #$#@ from Oscar (note facial expressions).

Always had a thing for Oscar though.....he's one hot.....oops...gotta go, I hear my Mommy calling... (07-25-2003)

Murray the Cop says:
I think Carly Simon should sue! I'd arrest the both of them for this travesty if they weren't my friends and Oscar still owed me money!
Oye Vey! (04-03-2003)

Daredevil6 ( says:
I sat listening to the intonations of this album; slowly, softly stroking my pussy. Cat. She looked up into my eyes as Felix waxed so genty - oh - an purred softly. I gazed back and her. I found a love, so sweet. A love whose name we could not speak. (03-24-2003)

threshold4 says:
I agree with Emma mouse. What could be worse? William Shatner's singing? Moms Mabley's? AAAAAAAAAARRRRGH!! (03-19-2003)

bill ( says:
back in the 1970's, a local radio station (wmog 1490 am) used to play "when bannana skins are falling". really ! (03-11-2003)

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