The Odd Couple Sings

Tony Randall & Jack Klugman with more misguided music from TV land.

Just when I thought I'd heard the last of singing TV characters, this gem shows up. It's Tony Randall and Jack Klugman, playing their famous characters Felix and Oscar... and singing. Why?

I tried to sing once, and I ended up sounding a lot like Jack Klugman does on this record. But at least I had the decency not to subject myself to thousands of unsuspecting record buyers.

The Odd Couple Sings
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Johnny One Note (MP3) Klugman tests out his voice.
You're So Vain (MP3) It's the Odd Couple, "singing" Carly Simon's big hit. Holy crap!
When Banana Skins Are Falling (MP3) Sounds like something Felix would sing on the show.

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Your Comments:

papo ( says:
jack and tony rendition of you're so vain never sounded as good, lol. (02-11-2003)

Bern ( says:
If you like me then email me. Ok? Do you like the Odd Couple too? Let's play the Odd Couple game. You go first Mr. Peterson! OK?
My turn. I'm Jack Klugman - look at me! Yes?
I need to lay down :( (02-11-2003)

Rod Schoonover says:
The intertwining of the dramatic overtones obvious in Randall's vocal stylings and the naked humanity of Klugman's phrasings strike this listener as something quite rare and, indeed, beautiful. Have we, as Americans, grown so cold-hearted and ironic to casually dismiss the joy of friendship, of laughter, of comaraderie, of love? Isn't this what this work really tells us, to love? And if we can't love something this simple and gorgeously raw, will we really be able to love ourselves and, ultimately, each other? God help us all and the majesty he has brought down from on high if we let the dark clouds of smartassitude blind us from love. We all need to dare to dream, to walk out on the plank of courageousness, and declare the love we have for each other. I'm not talking about sexual love, but the love of a brother or a sister or a pet. Pure love, so sweet and shimmering, without motive, without question. Felix and Oscar's unconditional love and fearlessness of expression of said love just might be the cure for today's social ills and insectian ways.

Come on people now. Smile on your brother. And you can take that to da bank! (02-11-2003)

John says:
My elderly neighbors were clearing out their attic amd gave me all their old 33s. Most of the records were from their parents' generation, old people of the early 1970's. I thought the Odd Couple record pictured above was just awful and got $5 for it at the local record shop. I did like the Lennon Sisters' "Our Favorite Songs", though, and kept it for their cool rendition of "Moonglow". (01-29-2003)

liz says:
i think jack klugman and tony randall are hilarious singing these songs. they are so cute.
everyone, they did this for laughs, not because they think they have good voices. (01-27-2003)

Sia Ayrom ( says:
This deserves a slot in Dave's record collection =) (01-21-2003)

LongTallSally says:
Clouds in your coffee? (01-20-2003)

Emma mouse says:
In Johnny One Note you can actually hear the pain and embarrassment of human frailty in Klugman's voice. (01-19-2003)

Emma mouse ( says:
Is this hell? Am I in hell now? Is that AAAAARRGH the yell of tormented souls? (01-19-2003)

Joe ( says:
I thought my own version of "You're So Vain" was funny. Anyone game for a listen? E-mail me. (01-17-2003)

jeff williams ( says:
What's a great footnote to this album's longevity is that when Randall and Klugman performed "The Sunshine Boys" on Broadway in 1999, they actually used cuts from the album during intermission including "When Banana Peels Come Fallin, I'll be Sliding Back to You." My Girlfriend and I were howling. (01-12-2003)

harryg says:
Haaaaaaaaaaaanah, Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanah, Oh Felix, stopt it already! (01-07-2003)

robert ( says:
why? (01-06-2003)

Christopher Trott ( says:
Holy Crap!! is right. I will never be the same again..after hearing You're So Vain.. Did Tony and Jack actually thing there were going to sell this to the public? ears won't stop bleeding. (12-24-2002)

Chuck Kesling ( says:
Hello Yes It is more of a hillarious, odd and musically interesting album thats definately one of a kind. I'm only 22 years old been collecting music since age 10.My copy was acquired from a record shop in Pgh Pa, where Im from on a sealed 8track Tape! I heard the lp i think its great. Its amazing what they come out with! (12-12-2002)

bob says:
I find Jack Klugman's singing to be refreshing in it's honesty and the sheer dynamics and tone.
The lack of range only serves as a counter-point to remind the listener that he does not rely on expensive voice training or studio tricks to perform this craft. As a wise man once said," Don't just be a a Klug-man."
True words to live by in this troubled day and age. (12-07-2002)

Dan ( says:
The repetitive blasting of the same note on the horns is enough to make you kill yourself! (11-14-2002)

hbotis ( says:
I bought this some months ago - brand new copy! My UK copy has a different cover - this US one is nicer I think. (11-07-2002)

Pete Stine says:
Thankfully this album arrived on Frank's site just in time for halloween - scarier than Ali's sugary snacks and the GM cereal monsters combined! (10-31-2002)

Cathy Carter ( says:
In the name of all that is holy.................please make it stop!!!!!!!!!! (10-30-2002)

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