The Odd Couple Sings

Tony Randall & Jack Klugman with more misguided music from TV land.

Just when I thought I'd heard the last of singing TV characters, this gem shows up. It's Tony Randall and Jack Klugman, playing their famous characters Felix and Oscar... and singing. Why?

I tried to sing once, and I ended up sounding a lot like Jack Klugman does on this record. But at least I had the decency not to subject myself to thousands of unsuspecting record buyers.

The Odd Couple Sings
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Johnny One Note (MP3) Klugman tests out his voice.
You're So Vain (MP3) It's the Odd Couple, "singing" Carly Simon's big hit. Holy crap!
When Banana Skins Are Falling (MP3) Sounds like something Felix would sing on the show.

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Sammy Reed says:
AHHHHHHHHH!!! (Quoting Jack Klugman's singing on "Johnny 1-note", but also my sentiments too.) Their comments about the dumb words to "You're So Vain" are right-on! (10-27-2002)

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