Sugar Bears

Empty calories from the sticky-sweet 1970s. Part of your complete musical breakfast!

Here's a record that has it all. First, it's cut from the back of a cereal box. The "band" is a loopy collection of animated marketing logos designed to sell sugar to kids, and the record even promises me "full fidelity" sound, surely a euphamisim for "something less than high fidelity but better than Grandpa's wax cylinders".

Then we must consider the Sugar Bears. Of course there is Sugar Bear himself, kingpin of the Post Super Sugar Crisp franchise back in the wild days when you could say "sugar" on national television. The marketing folks at Post cereals must have realized that Sugar would need a few companions to fill out his band. After consulting the top 40 charts of the day, they decided that what he needed was a tambourine-playing prostitute bear and a couple of drug-addled hippie bears to complete his musical ensamble. Right on.

All they needed now was an unemployed third-rate studio band to come up with lame-o numbers like "You Are The One", and the kids would eat it up. Literally.

Sugar Bears
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You Are The One (Real Audio) Somehow mind-numbing and mind-blowing at the same time. Pass the milk.

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Bob ( says:
i remember a great song on the radio when i was a kid. the Sugarbears sang it. i thought they said it was re-released and i loved it. i forgot about it till a few years ago, i have been trying to locate the file and i haven't had any luck.
there just isn't enough oldies for downloading in my experience.
i have an apple computer with QuickTime and it does not recognize the file format i get the following message:
The document “AudioPlay-1.jsp.ram” could not be opened. The movie is not in a format that QuickTime Player understands.

any suggestions are greatly appreciated
Bob (07-18-2010)

Tim says:
As a tiny kid, I was so used to these "cereal box records," that when I found a Christmas decoration box with a circle printed on the back of it, I was sure that if I cut it out and put it on a record player it would also play music! (Christmas music, no doubt.) (02-03-2010)

Tim says:
Since Sugar Bear originally had a voice like Bing Crosby, that's how I expected him to sing! LOL (02-03-2010)

Steve ( says:
I loved the Sugar Bears when they went to # 51 on the Hot 100 with "You Are the One." I have no idea why I didn't buy the album back then when I was 14, but would love to have it now. Any leads are welcome. I could always sing that first verse and chorus of the single from the time I first heard it, it seems. Makes me really nostalgic for bubblegum pop and AM radio. (02-14-2009)

Danimal ( says:
I have the mp3s for this & 'Anyone But You'. I rerecorded ABY for my 1st album, but had to write new lyrics since the thing kept skipping!

I'd be more than happy to shoot them to anyone who would like to email me. (01-01-2009)

Roger ( says:
I, too, am looking for an MP3 of "You Are the One". Would be willing to pay a few bucks for it, if that is any incentive... This was a great catchy tune!! Bubblegum Music wasn't all that bad!! (11-05-2008)

kayo (wpos2 attt roadrunnerdot com) says:
Nothing says psychedelia like a studio orchestra.

Maybe all that sugar worked as an antidote for the drugs. (08-01-2008)

Judy Leverete ( says:
I have been looking for this song for over 20 years. I had begun to think that I had imagined it's existence but I knew all the words. I would love to be able to download this song to my ipod. Can anyone help? (05-14-2008)

Bobby Desmond ( says:
This song was popular during my 9th grade year at Chester Junior High School in West Virginia and we danced and sang to it during our 9th grade party. I haven't heard it iover 30 years and when I found this site the memories came rushing back. yes the 70's were great!!!!! (01-05-2008)

bowlerman says:
In 1973 while I was listening to taped music during a plane trip, this song was included. I loved it and eventually bought it. I still have the single on my jukebox. By the way, the flip side, "SOMEONE LIKE YOU" is equally as good. (11-15-2007)

Amy Smith ( says:
Oh My GOD!!!! I have not heard this song in 30+ years! I had the vinyl version that my grandfather gave me (he worked for POST). This has truly made my week!!!! (09-19-2007)

Dave ( says:
I have the Sugar Bears 33 rpm LP on my blog here for anyone interested: (09-15-2007)

Brian says:
I had this record (You Are The One)off the back of the cereal box when I was in kindergarten (1971) and I played it to death. Then my motehr bought the K-Tel 22 Explosive Hits and it had it on there. Eventually (thanks to ebay) I was able to get a copy of the 45,the cereal box record and 2 promo copies of the album Presenting The Sugar Bears.

Jed ( says:
Wow, I used to have this record too! Haven't heard that in over 30 years. I definitely remember having the record, and do sort of remember the song.

I also had a Bobby Sherman record with the song "Time" on it, which I also think came from the back of a bog of Super Sugar Crisp. If anyone has a copy of this, I'd love to see a picture of it, or perhaps buy a copy. Or if you know where on the Web there might be a picture. Thanks! (07-18-2007)

Penny ( says:
I would like to find out how old is a botton that I found is. It is the post sugar bear on one skate on one foot. It would of been a prize from the box. (07-14-2007)

eileen ferrebee ( says:
loved sugar bears, does anyone know how many railroad signs were in the 1950's post sugar crisp cereal boxes? (06-25-2007)

Dave ( says:
Wow. I've gone the last 35 years or so without hearing this song. I never forgot it, but I did mis-remember. In my head, this was nearly identical to Orleans "Still the One" and I swore for decades they stole it. Guess not. (06-22-2007)

Lindsey ( says:
I was raised on the Sugar Bears 33 LP record (Introducing/Presenting The Sugar Bears, Big Tree Records, 1971). It has eleven sugar-heavy popping good tracks on it.

I recently found it on Ebay; I now have two copies of the LP. The first copy is one that I listen to. The second has never been opened, and will never be opened. I'm considering framing it. Such a luscious part of my childhood, lovingly sketched on vinyl.

I recently bought myself an Ion TTUSB turntable that can convert LPs to MP3s.

I am in Sugar Bears heaven.

And I was thinking I needed to have a portable turntable just so I could listen to my Sugar Bears at work.

Oh bliss. (05-09-2007)

Wendy says:
Wow. I was born in '65 and this really brings me back. I remember getting one of these records every other week from the grocery store when it was my turn to pick the cereal. I think I had all of the Sugar Bear records. I loved this one. I am reeling from this true blast from my past! I can almost hear the scratch of the Show'n'Tell 45rpm record player... (05-08-2007)

steve ( says:
i collect cbr's and that is one i cannot find would love to hear the sugar bears again can any one shhot me a mp3 as well......missing the nostalgia..
djs (04-14-2007)

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