Sugar Bears

Empty calories from the sticky-sweet 1970s. Part of your complete musical breakfast!

Here's a record that has it all. First, it's cut from the back of a cereal box. The "band" is a loopy collection of animated marketing logos designed to sell sugar to kids, and the record even promises me "full fidelity" sound, surely a euphamisim for "something less than high fidelity but better than Grandpa's wax cylinders".

Then we must consider the Sugar Bears. Of course there is Sugar Bear himself, kingpin of the Post Super Sugar Crisp franchise back in the wild days when you could say "sugar" on national television. The marketing folks at Post cereals must have realized that Sugar would need a few companions to fill out his band. After consulting the top 40 charts of the day, they decided that what he needed was a tambourine-playing prostitute bear and a couple of drug-addled hippie bears to complete his musical ensamble. Right on.

All they needed now was an unemployed third-rate studio band to come up with lame-o numbers like "You Are The One", and the kids would eat it up. Literally.

Sugar Bears
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You Are The One (Real Audio) Somehow mind-numbing and mind-blowing at the same time. Pass the milk.

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Mark Zamiska ( says:
Remeber listening to this song on Cleveland's WIXY 1260 Super Radio in the 70s ! (04-09-2007)

doug ( says:
Wow. For SOME strange reason, only known to the Gods of 45 RPM Records, I woke up this morning, an was SINGING that song to my wife! I was born in 1957 and that song "You Are The One" was one of the 45s I played over and over and got to know every note, every pop and click, everything...even to the point:

..And I wanna spend the rest of my life with you,
yo- >RECORD SKIPS HERE< with everythign you do,...

I'm gonna DIG IT OUT now and see if it still skips (FYI, my WIFE doesn't remember the song - but she was a goody two shoes and probably doesn't remember this song born of evil sugar addictions. (and we've been together since SIXTH grade!)

Sierra Vista, AZ (03-09-2007)

dragster says:
Woooooooooow...the dawn of paedophilic rock!!!! (02-09-2007)

That guy - etc. says:
Sounds like Eric Carmen AKA the Raspberries to me. (01-29-2007)

GARY ADAMS ( says:
Well Howdy Friends!

I thought I was the only one who liked this song. I'm 47 born in Beaumont, Texas. When I heard this song when I was a pup, It got me.I have the old cut out record of " You are The One" So I figure let me look on the computer.Well I found this page and yaw. I live in Houston now, and I'm a singer and record songs in our local recording studio. So I decided that I am going to re-record the "You Are The One". I have a connection of a guy that does the tracks. He has band and he plays the music. I'm going to get him to put the music just like this one, with no changes.Then I going to re-record this song. So stay tune "You Are The One" is about to come alive again. (12-30-2006)

Dan O ( says:
THANKS KEVIN! I now have You Are The One on repeat on my Windows Media Player. I think this is Play # 24, and I STILL haven't gotten tired of it. Good thing no one's in the office today!!!! (12-01-2006)

Joe Edgerton ( says:
I finally captured the song You Are The One,in mp3 format,,I love it and have been searching for it for few years.I do own couple 45's of the song also.If anyone would have there old albums transferred to mp3 ???? I sure would love to get copy of,,I am 56 and just collect all the music from my days growing up.Please email me if you have copy that I can (11-23-2006)

Cindy ( says:
I am looking for the Pos Sugar Bear theme song "I can't get enough og that Sugar Crisp, Sugar Crisp" If anyone has it or can help me please let me know. THANKS (11-07-2006)

Joey Traughber ( says:
After taking another close look at the record, the drummer looks like Ringo Starr constipated! (10-09-2006)

Kevin Marsh ( says:
I do indeed have the song on my computer and I'll be glad to share it with anyone. I had 2 others already ask and I lost your addresses. Email me and I'll send them to you. Enjoy! (09-21-2006)

John says:
I'm sure the cereal manufacturers also owned the pharmecutical company that sold Ritalin...When we all loved a glucose tolerance test in the morning..This thing sounds like somehting that would have fit nicely on Barry manilow's first record (07-31-2006)

I love this song! It takes me back to the days of puppy loves! I haven't heard this song in so many years, it was great to hear it again! I'm glad to hear there are others that like it also. It's a oldie but a goodie. There was nothing like the 70's music!!!!! (07-30-2006)

mike ( says:
i have been looking for this song since april,1972. where can i get a copy to burn...please! (07-28-2006)

John ( says: are 100% correct...You Are The One deserved to do better than it did. Doesn't it make you wonder how it would have done on the charts if it had been performed by a well know group. I think having it by the Sugar Bears did not help the song much. It sure is a feel good record in my jukebox. (07-24-2006)

Richard says:
I thought "You Are the One" was a great song. The production was very Phil-Spectorish, which I like. That song came out about the same time as "Nice to Be With You" by Gallery, and I thought that both those songs would be really big hits. I was half right. "You Are the One" deserved to do better than it did. (07-22-2006)

Darla ( says:
I've been researching my Bobby Sherman & Jackson 5 Cereal Box Records and found this website.. Wow! I didn't think people still loved them. I have 17 that I'm going to list on ebay soon under Snarla!! I'm cleaning out stuff I've accumulated over the years.. Drop me an email if you want me to let you know when I put them out there.. (06-28-2006)

Laurie Kendrick ( says:
I'm a 47 year old woman from Houston and I feel pretty damn silly for loving a song so rife with saccharin as "You Are the One", but it takes me back to such a sweet time in my life. It was Arpil 1972 7th grade...I had just turned 13 and at the time was living in a small town in South Central Texas...the Queen of my Jr. High and in love with the cutest boy (an 8th grader, thank you very much)named Mark who I still think about quite a bit. I dedicated this song to Mark...he would've died had he known..he was more of a hard rock kind of guy but me--NAH!! I liked my AM bubble gum and songs like this and Michael Jackson's "Got To Be There" and Teh Adrissi Brothers' "Got to Get It On Again" and "Sweet City Woman" by the Stampeders can almost make me crazy. I have a huge collection of Rhino CD from the early 70's and whenever I feel stressed by the regular ravages of adulthood, I listen to this song and the others of its ilk. It might be Freudian that I regress on occasion, but I like the serenity it gives me and Hey! When the blue 10mg Valiums aren't readily available, you chill as best you can.

I'm a silly romantic. Musical Xanax anyone?? (06-27-2006)

Kevin Marsh ( says:
I found this on Napster about 3 years ago and MIGHT still have it on my old laptop. Email me and I'll let you know. I LOVE THIS SONG! (06-25-2006)

Patrick Moore ( says:
Hello, fellow nostalgic friends,
I had all the Sugar Bear records, a Bobby Sherman cereal box record, and a couple Jackson 5 cereal box records. I would have them to this day, but they disappeared when we moved.
I am 40 now, I still lament for them. (I know, I'm pathetic), I'm a record collector. Does anybody know where I could get the music from the five Sugar Bear records? I heard there was an LP. Let me know! Thanks.
Patrick Moore (05-02-2006)

Jeff ( says:
I thought (at the time) that "You are the one" was the greatest song. I bought it on 45rpm (Big Tree records I believe) and still have it to this day. I didn't want to deal with that back of the cereal box crap single. I think that song was a hit on WLS and WCFL in Chicago around spring 1972 if I recall. (04-19-2006)

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