Sugar Bears

Empty calories from the sticky-sweet 1970s. Part of your complete musical breakfast!

Here's a record that has it all. First, it's cut from the back of a cereal box. The "band" is a loopy collection of animated marketing logos designed to sell sugar to kids, and the record even promises me "full fidelity" sound, surely a euphamisim for "something less than high fidelity but better than Grandpa's wax cylinders".

Then we must consider the Sugar Bears. Of course there is Sugar Bear himself, kingpin of the Post Super Sugar Crisp franchise back in the wild days when you could say "sugar" on national television. The marketing folks at Post cereals must have realized that Sugar would need a few companions to fill out his band. After consulting the top 40 charts of the day, they decided that what he needed was a tambourine-playing prostitute bear and a couple of drug-addled hippie bears to complete his musical ensamble. Right on.

All they needed now was an unemployed third-rate studio band to come up with lame-o numbers like "You Are The One", and the kids would eat it up. Literally.

Sugar Bears
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You Are The One (Real Audio) Somehow mind-numbing and mind-blowing at the same time. Pass the milk.

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cynthia ( says:
do you have any albums with sugar bears and friends singing several songs about "loveable truely", "sohi says" "rah-rah sugar bear?


P.s. was a post ceral album (04-17-2006)

Sparticus ( says:
Can anyone shoot me an mp3 file of You Are The One by the Sugar Bears? (04-07-2006)

John ( says:
I did find the 45 of You Are the One and have it in my juke box. I did locate The Sugar Bears LP and transferred it to CD. I was surprised at how those LP cuts stick in your mind after a while. They are not bad either. My wife thinks I am nuts...but - SUGAR BEARS ROCK!!! (03-24-2006)

Mike ( says:
I finally found this damn song....memories from a cereal box at 10 years old. Its still quite catchy and fun. I guess it was my lead into my future punk era. With a little more druming and speed the Ramones would have appreciated this. (02-12-2006)

Miss Laurie ( says:
"You Are the One" by the Sugar Bears.

Ah yes!!! The sickening sweet memories of pre-pubescent lust. I loved that song...cut it off the back of a Sugar Crisp cereal box ONLY favorite top 40 AM radio station played it AND after hearing some SAG card loser on the ABC lot in Burbank give the song an 86 on "American Badnstand". I eventually found it on the K-Tel album and bought it. Had to because the "45" I cut from the back of the cereal box kept curling up on the sides.

But I digress...

This song in all it's artificiality remains one of the aural hallmarks of my youth..namely my Jr. High years. Oh to be young and cute and responsibility free.

Good happened.

"You Are the One" is for Mark Martin. I have no idea where you are or who you've become..but I know that for two years between August of 1971 and September of 1973, you were all that mattered. And here I am...decades later and an adult and in all these years, I have yet to be able to completely duplicate the same emotion I felt for you...all those years ago. Who was he really? Just my first boyfriend...the one that started it all. Introduced me to daydreams and hand-holding, late night phone calls and adolescent dreams of being the future Mrs. Mark Martin.

Thanks for the memories you skinny little pimply faced, greasy haired punk.

And yes, even though your oily little face could've been a member of OPEC, I can honestly say that YOU WERE the one. (01-14-2006)

Frankie says:
Great stuff man. I grew into the man I am today eating my sugar pops. Life will never be better than it was in the 70's. (12-21-2005)

Joey Traughber says:
If you look closely at Honey Bear on the record, she kinda looks like Streisand! (12-08-2005)

Joey Traughber ( says:
Sounds like a tie between Ron Dante & Shaun Cassidy! (10-25-2005)

Aldi says:
Finding this in a yard sale would surely make my day... week... month!! :-D (08-22-2005)

florasid says:
drug-addled? are you suggesting that that's actually "doobie bear" not "doo bee bear" up in the corner?

oops. i accidentally went into a diabetic coma. (08-03-2005)

Guilherme (from Rio, Brazil) ( says:
In November (1971) was released the album "Presenting The Sugar Bears", produced by Jimmy Bowen for General Foods.

Kim Carnes (grammy winner/"Bette Davis Eyes"/"Flashdance") participated of that record, giving her voice to the character Honey Bear. "You Are The One" peaked #51 at Pop Singles Billboard in 1972.

If you want to change information about Sugar Bears, send me one e-mail.

Visit the URL (07-24-2005)

DFWWES ( says:
HELP, I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight as to the value of 3 collector cereal boxes. There is also a very unusual story that goes along with them. The boxes are factory run printings of 3 Post Super Sugar Crisp cereal with a record on the back. The record is the Archies - Sugar, Sugar. These boxes were never put together, they are in mint condition right off the printing/ manufacturing line. Never folded, no cereal was ever put into them. The unusual story behind these boxes is that my father was the inventor of the process that allowed a record to be "Blown-On" to the back of the cereal box. I still hold copies of the "patented process" patents. The patent also dates back before 1968. My father was also the man responsible for the creation of the song "Sugar, Sugar" which was actually only created as a promotional piece to be used to help sell Post Super Sugar Crisp cereal. No one ever knew or suspected that the song itself would actually reach number ONE on the pop charts of the time, and become so famous. Their was never a group called " The Archies" They were just some studio artists that were hired to record the three different songs that were to be used on the cereal box record promotion. The three songs were: Sugar, Sugar. Bang Shang Alang & Everythings Archie.
So, my question is to all who might have an idea as to what these boxes might be worth? and what if anything does the supportive historical patent information add to the value of the boxes as well.
Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely, DFWWES My e-mail is: (07-13-2005)

John ( says:
Finally found out that songwriter and ex First Edition member Mike Settle did the vocals of Sugar Bear on "You Are The One" and others on the LP.


David Foreman ( says:
Is there anywhere I can download, or purchase a hard-copy of "You Are The One?" (06-24-2005)

hannibal says:
honey bear has nice tits (06-07-2005)

John ( says:
Sounds like many of us really like "You Are The One". I am trying to find out who is the lead vocalist on that song? The 45 and the Sugar Bear LP does not list the artist name, only the writers. Back then those artist's did not want anyone to know who they were? By the way, the LP is addicting too. Whoever Sugar Bear is really has a neat voice...who is it? I now transfered it to CD. They just make you feel so good... (06-06-2005)

jw21685 says:
i had this song from the back of a cereal box
great song
great lyrics (06-05-2005)

Jim Fall ( says:
This song CHANGED MY LIFE. I cut it off the back of the cereal box, but it never sounded that great - even on my crappy mono record player. THEN I saw that it was included on a K-tel album called "22 Explosive Hits Vol. 2". I BEGGED my mom to buy it for me - she did. As usual with K-tel albums, the song fades out a few seconds too soon, but at least I have it on REAL vinyl (and 8 track). One of my most cherished records. Can't play it enough. The best song ever. Probably my favorite song... (05-28-2005)

B Price says:
I have been looking for this song for years. It is so upbeat and fun. Better then Bubble Gum anytime! I love it! (05-24-2005)

John ( says:
You Are The One - great bubblegum for sure. Real upbeat with your fast paced vocals and good sound for then. The vocalist on this record I think was very good for a B band. I just found a 45 of You Are The One for my juke box. It is now my most played song. Brought back many good memories from the early 70's. I believe the only way you could get it was on the cereal box or the LP that came out later. My 45 says "promotional - not for sale." (05-14-2005)

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