Sugar Bears

Empty calories from the sticky-sweet 1970s. Part of your complete musical breakfast!

Here's a record that has it all. First, it's cut from the back of a cereal box. The "band" is a loopy collection of animated marketing logos designed to sell sugar to kids, and the record even promises me "full fidelity" sound, surely a euphamisim for "something less than high fidelity but better than Grandpa's wax cylinders".

Then we must consider the Sugar Bears. Of course there is Sugar Bear himself, kingpin of the Post Super Sugar Crisp franchise back in the wild days when you could say "sugar" on national television. The marketing folks at Post cereals must have realized that Sugar would need a few companions to fill out his band. After consulting the top 40 charts of the day, they decided that what he needed was a tambourine-playing prostitute bear and a couple of drug-addled hippie bears to complete his musical ensamble. Right on.

All they needed now was an unemployed third-rate studio band to come up with lame-o numbers like "You Are The One", and the kids would eat it up. Literally.

Sugar Bears
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You Are The One (Real Audio) Somehow mind-numbing and mind-blowing at the same time. Pass the milk.

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Mike Garner ( says:
I remember when Sugar Bear had a real way-out time in the early 1970's beating Blob and Sugar Fox at their games. But Super Bear in the early 1980's really sucked. (05-12-2005)

Billy G. Spradlin ( says:
All the bubblegum records of the late 60's and 70's were manufactured strictly for profit, making a lot of money.

But what pure craftmanship these studio pros used - hooks stolen from other pop hits - upbeat tempos geared to kids short attention spans - repetitive and silly lyrics mostly about girls and fallin' in love" somehow wound up creating Top 40 magic that has stayed with us for decades. Maybe its just nostaliga for us baby boomers growing up watching the Banana Splits and Archies every Saturday Morning.

"You Are The One" was a hit on our local Top 40 station and I always liked it. A pretty good Tommy Roe sound-a-like. (05-07-2005)

Eric Rife ( says:
What you (apparently) don't know about this band is that the tamborine-playing prostitute bear is none other than ... Kim Carnes of "Bette Davis Eyes" fame!!!!

Whowouldathunk? (05-07-2005)

Steve Orr ( says:
I want this song, I need this song. This is one of my most vivid memories of my childhood. It will not download. Is there another file. Who do I have to kill to get you to e-mail it to me. (04-05-2005)

Turd Ferguson (turd ferguson is says:
The 70's kicked ass. You could put out a product called Sugar Crisps, and people would buy it and feed it too their kids. Could you imagine companies being able to do this today??--General Mills' Carbohydrate Crisps, or Kellogs Diabetes Crunch? I think they still makes this cereal today, they changed the name from sugar crisps, to golden crisps. And now, they give coupons to help you buy your insulin for when you develop diabetes. (04-04-2005)

Danimal ( says:
I learned Anyone But You (Track 5) on guitar after unearthing this thing about 15 years ago. I had to rewrite some of the lyrics I couldn't make out (full fidelity - BAH!) and ended up playing it at my friend's wedding 10 years ago. They're still married. ALL HAIL THE POWER OF THE SUGAR BEARS! (01-27-2005)

Danimal ( says:
I actually found my copy of this 'record' 10 years ago, still relatively playable enough to learn how to play Track 5 (Anyone But You) on guitar. It came out so well that a friend of mine asked me to perform it at his wedding. They're still married. Never doubt the power of The Sugar Bears! (01-27-2005)

coy and vance says:
give me a bowl! (01-12-2005)

Honey Bear says:
Sir, you have insulted my honor. I demand satisfaction! (01-12-2005)

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